7 acts of worship you should do daily in Ramadan


Ramadan is the month of blessings and forgiveness it is the month of worship and peace. It is the month in which we can collect immense rewards in our account. As Ramadan has nearly approached us we should prepare ourselves and keep in mind some virtuous deeds that we should do daily in Ramadhan. In this month we should strive and make efforts to do the acts of worship as much as we can and seek Allah’s nearness and pleasure. Below are the 7 acts which we should do in this month to seek Allah’s nearness and reward, you may know them or may not.

1.First and the foremost on my list is the reading and recitation of the Qur’an. You should not limit yourself in reciting the Qur’an in Ramadan. We should do it as much as we can in the day and and the night. It is one the most virtuous and most rewarding act to recite the Qur’an in this blessed month. A muslim can complete the recitation of whole Qur’an in Ramadan according to his ability. If someone wants to memorize the Qur’an then it’s the best chance to do it in this month. We should recite Qur’an after every prayer so that we can cover a large portion in this month.

2.We should offer extra voluntary prayers(nawafil) apart from wajib and other sunnah prayers so that we can achieve the highest reward and benefit in this month. One can offer them as many he wishes on different times.

3.Making Du’a to Allah(s.w.t) is a great act of worship and in this month it is even more greater, a muslim who makes Du’a in this month with a strong and good intention is surely to get it accepted. We should not even miss a chance of making Du’a in this month. Ask Allah(s.w.t) to be pleased with you, entrance in Jannah, health, knowledge or any other thing whether smaller or bigger. The significance of making Du’a in Ramadan is very high so make Du’a in the most of times in this month.

4.I think this is the one on which we should put our focus , it is to do Istighfar, to ask Allah’s pardon and his forgiveness from all our sins we have done and seeking his protection from doing sins. We should repent from our sins and ask his mercy and forgiveness as much as we can with sincerity in this month. Allah(s.w.t) is the most forgiving and merciful.

5.Doing the dhikr of Allah(s.w.t) and glorifying his praise by reciting prescribed adhkar. Remembering Allah and praising him is the way through which we can seek his nearness. There are many adhkar which you can recite. You should do Tahleel(Laa-ilaaha-illallah), Tasbeeh(Subhan Allah), Tahmeed(Alhamdulillah) and Takbeer(Allaahu Akbar) and other well known Du’a and adhkar from Qur’an and Sunnah. Here duas.com you can get many Dua’s and adhkar.

6.Sending salutations(Salawat/Durood) upon the Prophet(s.a.w) is a virtuous act. If we send a salutation upon the Prophet(s.a.w) then Allah(s.w.t) will send ten times of it towards us in return. In this month send a plenty of salutations upon the Prophet(s.a.w). In most times you should do it, it should be done when you pray, when you recite Qur’an, when you make Du’a etc. It would be so long here to write the benefits of this noble act.

7. Indulge yourself more in good and virtuous deeds in Ramadan such as do charity, feed the poor, help someone spend time in learning ilm and reading some books of Islamic knowledge or teach someone Qur’an,you can Share ayahs, hadith and other helpful Islamic info on social media or through other means. You should try to follow sunnahs of the Prophet(s.a.w) and do other recommended acts.

These are the recommended acts and deeds which we should strive do in this month so you make sure to get highest possible benefit from this month. We should not limit ourself in acts of worship if our ability is to do more.
We should do our best in this ramadan and strive to complete all legitimate obligatory, sunnah and recommended acts.

May Allah(s.w.t) make this Ramadan our best ramadan we ever had and grant us his forgiveness and mercy and accept our good deeds in this blessed month. May Allah(s.w.t) be pleased with us and grant us Jannah. Ameen

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