The Evils Of Jealosy-The ways it can harm us.

 Allah(s.w.t) instructs us in surah Al-Falak and An-Nas to seek His refuge from many evils and their sources which can harm us in our life. In the last verse of Al-Falak He tells us that the refuge be sought from the evil of a jealous person when he is jealous. He says; "And from the evil … Continue reading The Evils Of Jealosy-The ways it can harm us.



Islam is based upon its five pillars which a Muslim has to fulfill through out his life, these are the five obligations upon every muslim. These five pillars consist beliefs, actions and practices. The pillars are shahadah(testimony), Salah(prayer), Sawm(fasting), Zakah(compulsory charity) and Hajj(PILGRIMAGE). There is a long Hadith called "Hadith JIBRĪL" in which these pillars are … Continue reading THE 5 PILLARS OF ISLAM